Saturday, 2 November 2013

A broken smile.

The title may sound just a tad dramatic, I could say. 
But it's simply what I am today. And who knows 'til when.

In the course of our journey in life, (okay, now I'm sounding like I'm about to write a novel. Calm yourselves, guys. It's just a blog entry.) we'd come across certain people. Some stay, some go, some come and go. And it's not always up to us who will it be; some people we drag on when they've been considered detached from us, while some cling on when we never even recognized their existence in life. We can't help it though. It's not entirely our fault. We're human. We're allowed to make mistakes. However, when you already know what you are admitting to, it's not a mistake anymore, but a choice you have made. We're not always granted to have what we always wanted or wished for, but that does not mean we take for granted what we are given. These people are said to be 'tests' for us. To see what we'd to when the occasion happens. To make us stronger, learn and bla bla. Well, it's testing me all too well that I might just give up on myself. I don't know. Who knows really. 

Then there are sincerely nice people. Who are just God-sent angels to make a difference in this world or what not. Some we are oblivious to, sadly. 
They may not be the type to ask for gratitude or some appreciation of some sort for anything. But that does not mean, you don't do so. It's a human trait to appreciate anyone's efforts whether it'd be big or small. So here's what I'm telling you guys, learn to fuckng appreciate. 
We wouldn't know how a simple "thank you" or "good job" could mean to somebody. We will never know how much weight it would be lifted off them when such words come across their ears. 

Now, I'm not sure these days whether I smile genuinely or out of giving others the false impression that I'm okay. Probably because, I'm used to it. It comes with advantages though, good ones, I could say. And some drawbacks too. Could I consider myself broken? 
It made somethings easier for me being this way. 

I wish someone would tell me when I'm authentically smiling, 'cause I, for one, can't testify anymore. 


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