Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Bolt of Lightning.

"your voice is the soundtrack of my summer, you're like unlike any other, You'll always be my thunder."
 - Thunder , Boys Like Girls

I've been lately wearing either shorts or skirts these days. Not that I have really anything to show off 'cause of my not so model like legs,   I guess I'm just taking advantage of the weather before the colder season kicks in. Not that Jakarta snows or even drops below 10ºc even. Hmn, that just sounded so ... irrational. 

Oh well, this look is mainly what I'd put on when I hang out in the mall with friends or when I want to meet new people. Yeah, I dress for the occasion and depending on who I'm gonna be with you could say. It's also what I can call "casual" but still edgy. In my own sort of way. Although I was really exhausted when I took those pics. 

Oh and it's also the first time I did outdoor shots! YEEEEEEY! thanks to the ever hard-to-convince-to-take-pictures-of-me sister. yep. 

Top and skirt both : Bugis street , Singapore
Shoes : Kruzin ,(available in Bratpack)
Belt : New Look
Leopard Backpack : D' Fashion House
Accesories : Cotton On and biishoppe

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  1. Neliz! found your blog :D
    btw cool shoes :D