Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Superlative Friday?

"you know it's true, this is a fight I refuse to lose" 
- I'll Run ,The Cab

This outfit is a suuuuperrr duuuper late post. I wore this last Friday, Oct 18. And yes, I did it on purpose because of the shirt's caption. 
My friday was actually that Superlative, I could say. ;) 

Most of things I'm wearing here are thrifty finds. And when you're a college student, saving is one of the major things you'll learn, especially if you're enrolled in an arts college where it requires expenses that you have never expected before. Yep. College life eats the shxt off your wallet. 
You can say I get stingy, specially with shopping. But hey, if I can get it at a better price at the same or even better quality, why not? Unless it's something I saved up for and been waiting for months to have, then that's the only time I'd be willing to drain my stash of cash. ;) 

I lovelovelove pairing up blazers and short btw. I think they're just the best balance of outfit dimensions.

As for the title of this blog, it's because of the top which says so - "Superlative Friday". I thought it would say "Superman Friday". (when I first saw it but then that just made lesser sense. Aduh, neliz.) My mom bought it for me when she was in Manila at a price you wouldn't even believe. I can't wait to go back there just to refill my closet. December, come sooner!

           "Superlative Friday" Top from Manila  
Red High Waist shorts from a vintage stop, ITC kuningan   
Medium Striped Blazer, random shop in ITC kuningan 

The boots are I'm wearing here are actually the same boots from my previos post just that they're not folded. The leather brown bag over there is from my mom. She'd tell us how it was her first branded bag that she could afford back then and she bought out of self gratification. When you meet her with me and you see me wearing this bag, don't compliment it or whatsoever. She'll tell you the whoooooole story...

      Gold spiky necklace from Forever 21•••Watch from Aldo, Strap from Poshboy•••Brown leather bag from Coach•••Black Leather Boots from Dr. Martens


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  1. SO TRUEEEE! kalo ada yang lebih murah, kenapa harus yang lebih mahal >.<