Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lace x Boots.

"I need a voice to echo, I need a light to take me home." 
-- Nightingale, Demi Lovato

So here's my first style post, and from what you saw from its title, it's not your typical mix of components. 

I figured I've always been the type to put in spice in something sweet; an edge to every curve. I find that it best defines my personality and being, which is also my newly acclaimed mantra for fashion:
  Dress like nobody else but yourself. 
Individuality is  something I see in almost everyone but currently, it lacks execution.We are all made different but not everyone would  prove so. And so, this is me -- my individuality. How playful I am in person is also how I am with my fashion sense. I could say I dare to be daring, when I get the chance. (see how I used a verb to describe its adjective? *smirk* ) To be honest, I'm not really sure when this side of me came out. Probably only when I entered a fashion-focused college and being surrounded by all kinds of people and fashion and art simultaneously. hah, oh well. Here I am now.  ;)

I admit that I'm not close to a model-size figure,okay. But I'm trying to shed some weight off though. Emphasis on trying.

 I usually put my hair up in a high bun when I wear full button tops so that the outfit wouldn't look too stuffy. Plus, it adds to the 'sweet look' I'm aiming for. :3
      Lace Top::We Are All Curious              Watch from::Biishoppe              Boots from the US::Dr. Martens
     Mint Skater Skirt from::Omgivshop


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