Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Introductions, introductions.

"She's a mean and crazy dicta, disco diva and you wonder , Who's that chick?" -- 
Who's That Chick, Rihanna.

The name's Neliz Samala, 18 yrs old and this is my first shot at blogging. 
I currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia but I'm a Filipino by blood and nationality. 
I like sweets and meeting new people, trying out new things and 
putting smiles on almost anybody :3
I'm get randomly cray-cray at most times, but that only depends on my level of comfort with you ;) 

I always loved writing actually, ever since high school and it was because of my two best friends, Nayantara and Alyaa. They were also the reason why my english got a lot better and was into reading books. But now, the three of us aren't in the same school anymore and so my literary time with books and reading lessened. ( I miss you guys btw! :** ) Thinking that blogging could be my way of getting that back, here I am. 

So what will my blog be composed of ? I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. 

I'm currently studying for my diploma for Fashion Business and for the past year of being in college, I'm surprised I still have "jobless" moments. And that's another reason why I thought of starting this blog; a way to fill in my free time. 

One major influence of this blog are the fashion bloggers I now know of such as Camille CoVerniece and Vern Enciso,Bryan Boy,  Anastasia Siantar and  http://www.glistersandblisters.com/ (owner's name is Michelle but I thought just posting that would be too general)  Some even being my collegemates like Ines Ariani Putri Valentina aaaand Gabriella Olivia --- who told me I should start blogging when I asked her about it. ;) hehe. And so, most of my posts are likely be fashion related. 

I like music too, a lot. I spend about 60% of my time with it. I also make covers of songs I like whenever I have time. You can hear some of them here

If you have any other inquiries or such , just leave them in the comment box below, mkay? 


*random selfies over here ;) *

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